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【china news】 scarf fashion in international silk innovation design exhibition hall of shenzhen icif

作者: 来源: 发布时间:2014-05-15


china news, shenzhen, may 15: international exhibition of creative design of silk held by the first taiwan straits silk culture creation summit forum appeared at the 10th icif on the 15th inst, with silk scarf drawing much attention from the viewers.   

the "international exhibition of creative design of silk" of icif main venue in shenzhen, invited eight famous designers from germany, france, canada, japan, korea, shenzhen of china, taiwan and other regions which obtained the reputation of "the capital of design", with "the face of silk" as the theme to design.

in order to embody "international trend" and "affection of silk", "international exhibition of creative design of silk" adopts black as the dominant hue, and makes designers' products into light boxes, which are obvious in appearance. eight rattan-woven butterflies which are ready to fly on the top of the exhibition hall are purposely airlifted from taiwan to shenzhen. they are different from ordinary butterflies, and have eight wings, implying that the products of eight designers will succeed eventually, which also signifies that silk will fly across the sea and hearts of taiwan and mainland china beat as one.

i saw at the scene, what catches the eyes first is bright scarves of the international style, the ties are full of personality, eight designers' creative works and profiles, --displayed in the exhibition area. many audiences were attracted by the exquisite silk, and stood by to appreciate  and to compare the matching effect.

the exhibition also caught the interests of designers. french designer anette lanz and canadian designer robertl peters bought 10 silk scarfs respectively, and they plan to take them back to their motherlands. anette lanz is quite satisfied with her silk work, she said that it is a perfect expressing way of her design with silk, and the combination is so perfect that the result is out of her expectation.

in the morning, chen yunlin, the former president and consultant of association for relations across the taiwan straits, li yongping, the honorary chairman of taiwan cultural and creative industries association and zheng guiquan, the chairman of the board of china tong yuan co.,ltd, as well as designers from 8 countries and regions attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of the exhibition opening.