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【hong kong wen hui newspaper】 opening of the silk park of china of icif parallel session

作者: 来源: 发布时间:2014-05-13

the tenth international cultural industries fair is about to open. as a parallel session of the longgang district nanwan sub-district in shenzhen, the silk park of china joined the camp of the icif parallel sessions with a brand new image, and initiated the opening in the morning on may 13th. a feast of silk culture is being staged colorfully at the silk park of china.

it's reported that, the parallel session of the icif of the silk park of china took " the face of silk" as its theme of creation and design, which highlights the aim of inheriting and carrying forward the silk culture and combines creative design, scientific innovation, show and trade, tourism and leisure, on-site shopping, quality education of teenagers, interactive experience, etc. together. it mainly exhibits modern, fashionable and life-adapted artistic achievements. renowned designers from eight countries including germany, france, canada, hong kong, taiwan, etc. took part in the creative design of silk products that debuted for the first time in icif. china's silk, international design, and the encounter between classicism and international modernism are the important step for the chinese silk to establish a brand for international silk product. as the large national cultural industry meeting, the parallel session of the silk park of china has colorful activities, and cross-strait silk culture creation summit forum, international exhibition of creative design of silk, the chinese cheongsam museum, 4d fantasy art gallery, silk road on the tongue and other ancillary activities presented a silk culture feast for the guests from all directions.