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【www. taiwan. cn】the first session of cross strait and creativity forum staged in shenzhen

作者: 来源: 发布时间:2014-05-16

information of may 16th from china taiwan: summit forum for cross-strait silk culture innovation co-hosted by china silk association, china tong yuan co., ltd, and taiwan cultural innovative industry coalition association will be held on 14th.

the forum regarded "chinese silk, cross-strait wisdom gathering" as the theme, and explored the establishment of cross-strait cultural and creative industry development strategic cooperation mechanism. the forum was divided into four branch forums, which were "chinese silk brand road", "creativity and design thinking of city", "share of silk culture and creative design ideas", and "operating experience share of culture creative industry park".

in the sub-forum, qiu zhengsheng, executive of taiwan huashan culture park, shared his experience of cultural creativity, which caught the intense interests of the guests present from mainland; internet thinking management creative cultural park of zhang mingbo, general manager of beijing shangba culture group, and zhong yongqiang, special assistant to shenzhen f51d8 fashion creative park, also has the reference significance; he zengqiang, as one of the investors of cultural and creative park of 1933 described the establishment and growth experience of cultural and creative park of 1933; chairman zheng guiquan had strong feelings about the operation of cultural and creative park. his three innermost "experiences of bitterness"---"toil, pain, and arduousness" had also aroused lots of entrepreneurs' and founders' empathy.

the operators and the administrators from well-known culture creative industrial parks across the two sides of the strait shared the successful experience in their parks. renowned designers from eight countries and regions, experts and scholars engaged in mainland silk culture industry, creative design and park operation proposed their new ideas and creativities for silk, design, industrial park, etc. and offered advices and suggestions for silk industry, creative design and the new development of the building-up of the park.