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【hongkong commercial daily】 li changchun inspected "international exhibition of creative design of silk"

作者: 来源: 发布时间:2014-05-17

in the morning of 17th, accompanied by hu chunhua, the secretary of guangdong provincial party committee, wang rong, the secretary of shenzhen municipal party committee and xu qin, the mayor of shenzhen, the former member of china' s politburo standing committee li changchun visited the "international exhibition of creative design of silk" in the silk park of china .

zheng guiquan, the chairman of china tong yuan co. ltd, detailedly introduced li changchun the exhibition background of silk park of china "international exhibition of creative design of silk" and the designers' creative ideas and then showed each designer's scarves work to li changchun. li changchun highly affirmed the curation creativity of this design exhibition and appreciated the idea of inviting 8 international designers who came from countries and regions that had won the fame of" the city of design" to make creative themes through combining the chinese traditional culture with the international popular elements. li changchun stopped in front of every designer's work and asked the designers in detail about their concepts of creative designs.

 then li changchun put on the silk scarf of the silk art in silk park of china with interest.

it's reported that, the international exhibition of creative design of silk in the silk park of china specially flew from taiwan 8 butterflies woven of vines, meaning the success of the 8 designers' work exhibition as well as that butterflies flew over the strait, and hearts of mainland china and taiwan beat as one.