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chinese silk, assemblage of intellects from both sides of taiwan straits--------------“the first session of cross strait silk culture and creativity forum ” opens in shenzhen

作者: 来源: 发布时间:2014-05-14


the three-day “the first session of cross strait silk culture and creativity forum” opened in wuzhou guest house shenzhen in the evening of the 13th day of the month. it is reported that the forum is aimed at establishing development strategical cooperation system of cultural creative industry on both sides of the taiwan strait, discussing chinese silk culture, and jointly promoting the design innovation and internationalization and branding construction of chinese silk industry. over 400 leaders and guests from both sides of the taiwan straits were present at the opening ceremony, including chen yunlin, the former president and current consultant of arats, jiang bingkun, the former chairman of straits exchange foundation and chairman of three three association, and others from ministry of commerce, ministry of culture, taiwan culture creative industries association and shenzhen municipality. 



the current “taiwan straits silk culture creation summit forum” is sponsored by china silk association, china tong yuan co., ltd and taiwan cultural and creative industries association, and undertaken by shenzhen chine silk park culture industry co., ltd, incorporating theme speeches, design exhibition, kun dance performance and investigation. famous scholars from both sides of the taiwan straits, prestigious international and domestic designers and successful cultural creation park operators will deliver speeches focusing on four themes such as “china silk brands”, “creative city and design thinking”, “silk culture and creative design concepts”, and “experience on running culture creation industry park” with question & answer session for inspiring viewpoint impact during exchange, in order to solicit suggestions and good ideas for inheriting and innovate chinese silk culture. 



the forum opened its curtain by the performance of chinese kun dance featuring unique aesthetic characteristics of the oriental art. six classic operas including “lan song”, “love drunk in marc”, “kung clowns shining”, etc. fully displayed the unique artistic charms of kun dance and recast light on chinese traditional silk culture and modern humanistic implications, delivering a stunning audio-video feast to the audience.



zheng guiquan, who was the chairman of china tong yuan co., ltd., represented the sponsor to give a speech at first. chairman zheng guiquan addressed in the opening ceremony that silk had born the long historical culture of chinese nation, which was the carrier of rich culture and precious heritage filled with vitality. under the strong support of ministry of commerce, ministry of culture, taiwan affairs office of the state council, and association for relations across the taiwan straits, china tongyuan, chinese silk association, and taiwan culture creative industry union jointly held this "silk cultural creative summit forum of both sides of taiwan straits". through the enhancement of communication and cooperation between silk industry and creative design of both sides of taiwan straits, they hoped to deeply dig out silk culture, jointly promote the road of development of design creativity and internationalization in chinese silk, and reshape the glory of chinese silk culture. "chinese silk, assemblage of intellects from both sides of taiwan straits" will be the sonorous horn that blows in the new development of chinese silk industry. meanwhile, it is also an important step for chinese silk to march toward the world, and shape international brand.



it is reported that international silk creative design expo" in coordination with the forum, will be held in the main exhibition hall of the tenth shenzhen icif from may 15th to 19th. then, various silk products, such as scarves, bedding articles, back cushions, bolsters, ties, ipad bags, mouse pads, place mats, change purses and so on, are designed by international designers from world design capitals such as germany, france, canada, korea, japan, china's shenzhen, hong kong, taiwan and so on, and are developed by china tongyuan limited company, and they will make their first debut in shenzhen icif. "chinese silk, assemblage of intellects from both sides of taiwan straits", "classic" encounters "internationality", "heavy" meets "light". chinese silk will make its important step in creating the brand of international silk culture.



shenzhen silk park of china cultural industrial ltd., the organizer, will also furnish itself to embrace and welcome the guests who attend the forum. from the beginning of the year, silk park of china invested a huge capital to perfect service facilities in the park district, upgrade all exhibition equipments of "china silk culture exhibition hall" and "silk life hall"; following "china silk culture exhibition hall" and "silk life hall", silk park of china released another excellent work -- "chinese cheongsam hall", and opened the hall officially on the morning of may 13th. in addition, the silk park of china will hold culture salon, cheongsam performance show, and other various and similar theme activities, allowing the guests to know about silk history, experience cheongsam culture, and feel the quality and charm of silk culture among classic and modern interacted atmosphere.



a total of more than 400 guests from the cultural sector, the economic sector, and the industry sector from home and abroad attended the opening ceremony of the forum.