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feast of silk culture opens grandly in the silk park of china

作者: 来源: 发布时间:2014-05-13

the 10th international cultural industries fair(icif) will open soon. as the branch meeting place, silk park of china will join in the branch meeting camp of the international cultural industries fair this year with a brand-new appearance, and will first open on 13th. a feast of silk culture is being staged colorfully in the chinese silk park.

as a large national grand meeting for the cultural industries, the silk branch site for shenzhen icif has already held five expos. compared with previous expos, this expo boasts a great many guests of silk park of china abroad and home and a distinct forum theme. successively, a featured exhibition hall has been established and corresponding activities have also been presented.

"the silk culture creative forum across taiwan strait" has built a new silk road between the two sides of taiwan strait.

the ceremony of the first "cross-strait silk culture creative summit forum", which was hosted by china silk association, china tong yuan co., ltd. and taiwan culture creative industries association, and undertaken by shenzhen china silk park cultural industry co., ltd., were opened grandly in wu zhou guest house shenzhen in the evening of 13th. distinguished guests across taiwan straits such as former chairman of arats (association for relations across the taiwan straits) chen yunlin, former chairman of the board of taiwan straits exchange foundation jiang bingkun have been present in the opening ceremony of the forum. relevant leaders and guests from ministry of commerce, ministry of culture, taiwan affairs office and shenzhen have all gathered here to enjoy this splendid expo.

it is reported that the forum is aimed at establishing development strategical cooperation system of cultural creative industry on both sides of the taiwan strait, discussing chinese silk culture, and jointly promoting the design innovation and internationalization and branding construction of chinese silk industry. the forum will center on four themes, which are "chinese silk brand road", "creativity and design thinking of city", "share of silk culture and creative design ideas", and "operating experience share of culture creative industry park". at that time, well-known scholars from both sides of taiwan strait, international and domestic famous designers, successful operating managers of cultural innovative parks and so on gather in shenzhen to communicate, and quiz interactively and share their ideas and experiences.

 "international exhibition of creative design of silk" counted on the main venue of icif

 it is reported that "international exhibition of creative design of silk" in coordination with the forum will be held in the main venue of shenzhen icif on may 15th. china tongyuan corporation has set "the face of silk" as the theme of the creative design, invited renowned designers from eight "city of design" nations and areas, including germany, france, canada, japan, south korea, shenzhen, hong kong and taiwan, to participate in the creative design of silk products in this icif. by then, the creative design of eight designers will be transformed into modern, fashion, life and other artistic achievements and debut in shenzhen icif. "china silk, international design", "classic" encounters "international", and "thick and heavy" meets "slim and graceful". chinese silk step an important step for creating international silk culture brand.

 "chinese cheongsam shop" in silk park of china had a grand opening

after the establishment of china silk culture exhibition hall and silk life hall, silk park of china has launched "china cheongsam exhibition hall". the splendid opening ceremony was held on the morning of 13th, which also means the formal opening of the branch site of the 10th shenzhen icif, silk park of china.

 "chinese cheongsam pavilion" is located on the first floor of the silk firm of silk park of china with indoor area about 1400 square meters, and aims at inheriting and developing chinese cheongsam culture. chinese cheongsam hall has functionality of exhibition, brand showing and sales, customization, art salon, culture lecture and others as an integration, telling the story of chinese cheongsam.

it is understood that some cultural lectures such as 'cheongsam in early days in republic china' and 'culture and arts' will also be held on the opening day of "china cheongsam exhibition hall". the audience and guests will satisfy their eyes and spirit through the display of cheongsam art.

the silk road, the magical trip designed by the 4d magical art hall

in 4d magical art hall, you may find yourself in the camel caravan across the vast gobi; you may find yourself in a magical trip with robinson crusoe and little pie; you may find yourself on the back of a horse trying to find the mysterious horse caravan along the ancient tea-horse road; you may also find yourself holding a party with silkworms and elfins. changing visual scenes and fashionable and scientific art festival are in the silk road 4d magical art hall. silk of park of china has successively combined the world famous 4d visual art with the theme of the silk road to build the first "silk road 4d magical art hall" in china. this is a must place to visit apart from the china silk culture exhibition hall, silk life hall and china cheongsam hall.

 "a bite of the silk road" teases your taste bud

fujian's fried meat loaf, jiangsu's egg shao-mai, hangzhou's dongpo pork and qingdao draught beer ... the delicacy wind of "a bite of china" sweeping the whole world has arrived at chinese silk park. during icif, silk park of china has launched the "silk road on the tongue". various delicacies will tease your taste buds. thus, the citizens during their visits will not only get familiar with the silk culture, but also taste different delicacies along the silk road.

besides, silk park of china has also held many intriguing supporting activities such as culture salons and cheongsam performances, which provide a wonderful cultural festival for guests across china.