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【】the two sides of the taiwan straits will host the silk culture and creativity summit for the first time

作者: 来源: 发布时间:2014-04-22

xinhua beijing april 22 (reporter qi xianghui) reporter at a press conference held in beijing on 22nd was informed that the first cross-strait cultural and creative silk forum will be held in shenzhen from may 13th to 15th.

it is reported that the forum is aimed at establishing a system for development and strategical cooperation of cultural creative industry on both sides of the taiwan straits, discussing silk culture and creative design ideas, jointly promoting the design innovation and internationalization and branding construction of chinese silk industry.

zheng guiquan, chairman of the board of china tong yuan co. ltd, one of the organizers, introduced in the press conference that international designers from the world design places such as germany, france, canada, korea, japan, taiwan, and hong kong, have been invited to make innovative designs in the theme of "the face of silk", and the design works would be presented during the 10th china (shenzhen) cultural industries fair.

li yongping, the honorary president of taiwan association of cultural and creative industries, said in the press conference that chinese silk culture with a long history is the common treasure of compatriots on both sides of the strait. the cultural creative industries across the taiwan straits have complementary advantages and can cooperate to compete in the international market.

the forum is hosted by chinese silk association, taiwan union association of cultural creative industry and china tongyuan co., ltd and undertaken by chinese silk cultural industry co., ltd in shenzhen city. the forum will center on four themes, which are "chinese silk brand road", "creativity and design thinking of city", "share of silk culture and creative design ideas", "operating experience share of culture creative industry park".

at that time, well-known scholars from both sides of taiwan strait, international and domestic famous designers, successful operating managers of cultural innovative parks and so on will gather in shenzhen to communicate and exchange their ideas and experience.

it is reported that the forum will be held in both the mainland and taiwan in turn annually to establish a platform for communication and cooperation of cross-straits cultural creative industry in a bid to achieve the deep integration of silk industry and creative design industry of both sides.