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vice-governor of hainan province li guoliang inspected china silk park

作者: 来源: 发布时间:2013-11-16

on the morning of october 24th 2013, li guoliang, the vice governor of hainan province and ni qiang, the vice executive secretary etc. came to china silk park for inspection, accompanied by chen biao, the deputy mayor of shenzhen; zheng guiquan, the chairman of china tongyuan company and xu sijun, the general manager of guangdong silk-tex group greeted all of them warmly as they arrived.

the party led by vice-governor li guoliang visited silk life pavilion and silk culture exhibition hall carefully and then both parties had a discussion in the meeting room on the fourth floor. firstly, on behalf of shenzhen municipal committee and government, the deputy mayor chen biao welcomed vice-governor li guoliang and his entourage to visit and inspect nanling, shenzhen. then zheng guiquan, the chairman of china tongyuan company and xu sijun, the general manager of guangdong sifang group reported respectively the development of enterprises and relevant circumstances of the co-investment in sericulture silk culture industry projects in hainan.

vice-governor, li guoliang admitted that it had been many years since the last time he visited somewhere with great interest so he felt good. china silk park had strong culture punch. silk is the treasure of the chinese culture. i like the silk very much since my childhood, and i have a profound silk complex. vice-governor li commented expressed at the same time that he had got in touch with this projects in 2010. now all the work related to the projects, especially the aspects of mulberry planting and silkworm breeding are going on smoothly. the mulberry plantation of over 5,000 mu in qiongzhong of that time has grown to be over 30,000 mu now. what shall be taken into consideration next is how to conduct the development of industry and build the industry chain of silkworm, mulberry and silk. the provincial party committee and government will make every effort to support the development of the projects.