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the 9th china (shenzhen) international cultural industries fair ended completely, and sac park exhibition hall obtained gratifying results

作者: 来源: 发布时间:2013-11-17

the 9th china (shenzhen) international cultural industries fair ended on may 20th 2013. as one of exhibition halls, shenzhen sac park held successfully from may 16th to 22nd. exhibitor’s level, grade, size and content of the sac park exhibition hall obtained more significant progress, fully expressed the new look of silk culture industry, and achieved good social and economic benefits at the same time.

local governments from various places have come to visit and learn

during this fair, department of culture industry, ministry of culture, governments of 30 provinces and cities including jiangxi province, qingdao city, nanjing city, maoming city, handan city, tangshan city, xiangyang city, renhuai city have sent nearly one thousand people delegations to visit and learn from sac park. leaders of various places have given high rating to sac park’s level of holding exhibition, exhibition forms, creative activities, and matching set. several provincial and municipal governments hope sac park mode can expand to their places and add bright color to the local cultural industries.

domestic and international tours overwhelmed

during the fair, tourists came to visit sac park silk continuously, the number of visitor is several times higher than last year. according to statistics, during the event sac park received 556 groups of tours, 22,500 attendance, including 310 professional audiences from a number of countries such as brazil, philippines, south korea, cuba, canada, thailand, spain, iran, singapore, and the united kingdom. the warm, thoughtful, civilized, meticulous personalized hospitality services of sac park received praises of domestic and international visitors.

general mobilization of shenzhen citizens

the biggest beneficiary of this fair is shenzhen citizen. at this year, sac park exhibition hall held various silk cultural activities related to people’s “basic necessity of life”, and the activities attracted general mobilization of shenzhen citizens. female customers bought silk garments, male customers tasted food, and kids can adopt silkworms and learn science knowledge for free. embroidery performances, handmade tie-dyed, and hand-painted silk are suitable for visitors of different ages. according to incomplete statistics, during the fair, sac park received more than 20,000 tourists, and distribute five thousand boxes of silkworms, which hits a new record high.

comprehensive coverage of media propaganda

in this fair, sac park increased promotional efforts to conduct a comprehensive news report about various activities of this fair with all levels of media broadcasts including radio and print, among which more than 40 mainstream media including nanfang daily, guangzhou daily , jing daily, shenzhen special zone daily, shenzhen evening news, shenzhen overseas chinese news, shenzhen economic daily, ta kung pao, hainan daily, china business times, the first scene, longgang news network, people's daily online, xinhuanet, conducted 585 pieces/times of reports to achieve a comprehensive coverage of publicity, and make the brand image of sac park more deeply in people’s mind.

this china (shenzhen) international cultural industries fair ended successfully, and sac park exhibition hall has made great achievement. we will continue to strive to move forward to the goal of “chinese silk aircraft, world’s silk industry leader”.