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li qingquan, president of shenzhen university and his party came to sac park for visiting and guiding

作者: 来源:wu xiaoling 发布时间:2013-11-17

on the afternoon of september 4, 2013, li qingquan, president of shenzhen university and his party came to sac park for visiting and guiding. zhenggui quan, chairman of china tong yuan, vice president of shenzhen chaoshan chamber of commerce, and liu jialin, general manager of sac park, and other leaders showed their hospitality.

president li and his party visited silk living museum and silk culture expo, and moved to conference room on the fourth floor conference for in-depth exchanges and discussions. at the forum, chairman zheng introduced his personal growth and past working experience in shenzhen university to president li and his party. he said shenzhen university was the first cradle of his life, and he has deep feelings for shenzhen university. and then, chairman zheng introduced the basic information of china tong yuan and “chinese silk culture and embroidery art exhibition” recently held by china tong yuan in the uk. president li expressed gratitude for chairman zheng’s concern and support on shenzhen university, and noted that he has a deep understanding on the development of silk and silk industry overview through this visit. as a platform inherited chinese traditional culture, sac park is a very good base for learning and practice. he hoped there will be more chances to cooperate between the university and the enterprise, and also hoped that chairman zheng provided valuable suggestions to transformation of scientific and technological achievements of shenzhen university.

at the end of the meeting, chairman zheng proposed a strategic plan for building university-enterprise cooperation, and achieved cooperation through two modes: students go into sac park; sac park go into shenzhen university. after the meeting, president li presented chairman zheng with a commemorative gift of shenzhen university, and cordially invited chairman zheng to attend the 30th anniversary celebration ceremony of shenzhen university.