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students of shekou qsi international school visited sac park

作者: 来源:zhang ying 发布时间:2013-11-17

june 17, 2013, more than 70 people including teachers and students visited sac park. visiting teams divided into three teams, took turns to visit and experience interesting science projects, and feel glamour of “chinese silk culture”.
the first thing is a variety of dazzling silk handicrafts after entering silk culture expo. through the vivid explanation of bilingual guide, students have a preliminary knowledge and understanding on the development history of silk and silk production process. students showed a keen interest in ancient chinese silk when they visited the site, and some students carefully recorded historical knowledge of silk, and some students even studiously asked questions to the guide.
after visiting silk culture expo, the students came to silk living museum of silk for further experiencing the application of silk in real life. silk living museum is a new museum in sac park, various delicate stylish silk products attracted great interest of students. many students have bought their favorite silk products as a souvenir. in addition, students freely adopted lovely silkworms in living museum.
handmade diy silk skill is the highlight of this event. once entering the experience zone, students were attracted by a variety of diy silk works, and they were eager to try it. guides introduced the processing steps of silk tie-dye in detail to students. students were eager to start making their works before guides finished the introduction.

this event not only publicized cultural industry value of sac park, but also promote the silk culture of entire chinese nation. as a small window of world culture, sac park will continue to carry out the purpose of “promote silk culture, start with children”, often organize various science activities, and invite teachers and students to visit sac park.