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“national intangible cultural heritage list, beijing exhibition of suzhou embroidery institute embroidery works” opened

作者: 来源:苏州刺绣研究所 发布时间:2013-11-17

july 27, 2013, “tian gong ya qing----national intangible cultural heritage list, beijing exhibition of suzhou embroidery institute embroidery works” held by suzhou press and publication bureau, beijing suzhou chamber of commerce, suzhou embroidery institute, beijing amier development co. ltd and china tong yuan co. ltd was opened in beijing amier art museum.  suzhou embroidery institute was established in 1957, which is an inheritance and protection unit of national intangible cultural heritage. in this exhibition, suzhou embroidery institute brought 40 su embroidery combined with celebrity paintings and drawings and closely showed the charm of embroidery skills.

zhu yongxin, the standing committee of 12th of chinese people's political consultative conference, the vice chairman of china association for promoting democracy, and li xiaolei, former deputy director of culture industry department of culture ministry, gave their speech and wished the complete success of exhibition and explained their understanding of su embroidery cultural values, and origin story that they acquainted themselves with su embroidery. meanwhile they fully affirmed the contribution made by suzhou embroidery institute for national intangible cultural heritage, and hoped suzhou embroidery institute can inherited su embroidery skills and promoted handmade arts culture of our motherland. chang shana, former president of the central academy of fine arts, the famous art designer, recalled that she had been suzhou embroidery institute many times in the 1990s, and provided works about birds and other things of her own design for making an embroidery. chang shana passionately said, they can use su embroidery to express paintings of flower and grass designed by her, and the express of embroideries is more vivid and more colorful than her original painting, and today she is excited to see these works. leaders of intangible cultural heritage department of the ministry of culture, chinese arts and crafts institute and china national arts & crafts museum also attended the opening ceremony of this exhibition. zheng gui quan, chairman of china tong yuan co., ltd, shenzhen qingpeng group and suzhou embroidery institute expressed his gratitude to organizers, and introduced the brilliant achievements and future directions of suzhou embroidery institute to every guest.
most of embroidery works in this su embroidery exhibition are made by famous embroidery masters, and these works have a wide range of subjects, rich content, different artistic styles, creative types and needle color. embroidery masters combine celebrity painting and drawing draft to recreate the embroidery. they used needle to embroider works with excellent skills. the delicate embroidery skills expressed the unique artistic charm of su embroidery.  
two painting, “beauty walking” and “court ladies adorning their hair with flowers” perfectly demonstrated the scene of luxury lifestyle of the tang dynasty, reflected that the unique style of su embroidery pattern has beautiful picture, ingenious idea, delicate embroidery skill, lively needle work and elegant colors.