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trade & exhibition


over the years, our trade department replied on member enterprises of the all-china federation of industry & commerce (acfic), and insisted on the business principle of abiding contract and maintaining credit, and paid attention to strengthen exchange and cooperation with taiwan business community in economic trade and technological exchange, and strengthen economic and trade exchange with chinese economic organization including hong kong and macao compatriots, overseas chinese, and actively explored domestic and foreign trade market. our trade department not only built up extensive contacts and close cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, but also established good reputation and stable business partnerships among customers at home and abroad, factories and banks, and formed stable commercial financing channels and business channels at home and abroad.


according to the needs of international economic trends and the development of domestic enterprises, our exhibition department has participated in dozens of well-known international exhibitions in asia, europe, the americas, oceania, nearly 20 countries and regional organizations. these exhibitions received high rating and praise from exhibitors and relevant departments. the exhibition departments hosted and co-organized multidisciplinary exhibitions in china, and organized major international conferences on industries including textiles and clothing, automotive, beauty care and fisheries and aquaculture, and established a good partnership with domestic and foreign associations and chambers.

the exhibition department has a young, enthusiastic professional team that combined with advantages of local industry resources and professional efficient rigorous diligent pragmatic services. the team broadened the channels of trade and cooperation for enterprises to enter the international market.