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in 1987, china tong yuan co. ltd. was established with the approval of the state council. the company is a wholly owned enterprise of the all-china federation of industry & commerce (acfic). with the support of acfic and more than 2 million members in china, china tong yuan co. ltd. actively developed import and export trade, international and domestic exhibition business, and other economic and technical cooperation. china tong yuan co. ltd. has established a broad stable domestic and international business channels and a good business reputation.

in 2006, china tong yuan co. ltd. has successfully completed enterprise strategic restructuring and become a limited company co-held by acfic and shenzhen qingpeng industrial group with a registered capital of 130 million rmb.

after the restructuring, china tong yuan co. ltd. focused on promoting chinese culture, saving and excavating chinese culture resources, integrating cultural assets, investing cultural facilities, and launched a series of investment operations constructed by culture industry platform. nowadays china tong yuan co. ltd. has invested and held a number of large-scale culture projects.
china tong yuan co. ltd. has invested one after another in shenzhen, chengdu, haikou, suzhou, and shanghai for building silk art creative park of china (sac park) which includes china silk culture exhibition, creative design center, r & d centers, silk living museum, sericulture park.  sac park became a chinese silk culture industry service platform including accumulate design, research and innovation, exhibition and trade, tourism and leisure, scenario shopping, youth quality education and interactive experience features, and sak park was named international cultural industry park demonstration base.
subsidiaries of china tong yuan co. ltd., suzhou embroidery research institute occupied authoritative leading position in chinese embroidery industry, whose embroidery artworks were often awarded various international and domestic gold awards. embroidery artworks of these two companies on behalf of china participated in culture exchange tours around the world over the long term, and presented as national gifts to heads of state and politicians.

china tong yuan co. ltd. is investing on building national “chinese embroidery art museum” which displays comprehensively the origin, inheritance, development and effect of chinese embroidery art. and it is the only professional platform for national embroidery art collection and display, education and training, research and development, creation, appreciation and evaluation, and artistic exchanges.

china tong yuan co. ltd. plans to invest on other culture projects includes national wine culture industry creative park, ceramic culture creative park, buddhist culture project, old town reconstruction project, opera performing arts, calligraphy arts, animation project.
china tong yuan co. ltd. will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “honesty and service first”, and conduct extensive cooperation with all sectors of community in the relevant fields, and open a beautiful future with stronger power.