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ceo speech


china tongyuan co., ltd, is an important force for the rapid development of china's cultural creative industries;


china tongyuan co.,ltd, sticks to the commitment of "inheriting the chinese civilization and developing the chinese culture".

to show the world the essence of chinese culture, strengthen cultural exchanges with the world, china tongyuan co.,ltd. and strong alliances inject a lot of money to do the acquisition and integration of a number of traditional cultural enterprises, and china tongyuan co.,ltd. found the art exhibition center, art gallery, creative garden, and create a turning point in the history of the development of the embroidery art. china tongyuan has exploited the platform for international cultural and art exchange of the chinese silk and it has praticed the most effective growth model of china's cultural enterprise through promoting development, conducting divided operation and mixed operation.


nowadays, china tongyuan co.,ltd, is one of the excellent enterprises in chinese cultural industries, and the rapid growth and great potential it demonstrated are remarkable. china tongyuan appears to be wiser, calmer and more confident, which has impressed on the people its naturalness, sincerity and maturity.


"only a powerful spirit can drive the fortune." the powerful engines of china's rapid development today originates from the spiritual power of chinese traditional culture. i firmly believe that with the eighteenth national congress of the cpc held successfully, deepened reform of the cultural system will be ushered in and culture's great prosperity will appear. a cultural power not only stands tall and upright in the east, but also genuinely earns the respect and admiration of the world. china tongyuan co, ltd. will make unremitting effort for the advocation of the spirit of chinese traditional culture and it will fulfill its social responsibility and work together to make tomorrow a better day!


thanks for the opportunity the global culture market has brought to us!


thanks for showing love and support to china tongyuan co.,ltd.!


thanks all the staff for their hard work!