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social responsibility

while china tong yuan co. ltd. sought career development, the company has actively participated in social welfare undertakings and social returns.

in november 2006, china tong yuan co. ltd. participated in charity event held in bazhong, sichuan by all-china federation of industry & commerce and the state council leading group office of poverty alleviation and development, and donated 1 million rmb for building tong yuan hope primary school.

in 2007, china tong yuan co. ltd. donated a lot to maogang tong yuan school in shantou, guangdong province. the company subsidized children in poor areas return to school, improved school conditions in countryside, and offered subsidy to improve teachers’ strength year after year. in 2013, china tong yuan co. ltd. donated a lot again for building middle school campus. so far china tong yuan co. ltd. has donated a total of nearly 20 million rmb.

during the period of sichuan earthquake in 2008, china tong yuan co. ltd. has donated 30 million rmb and large amount of supplies, set up a team of twenty people for launched a rescue operations in disaster area, and provided humanitarian assistance to wounded people. 

in january 2010, employees of china tong yuan co. ltd. and associate organizations generously donated money to the colleague suffering from a fatal disease. this donation includes caring and bless has given the patient huge inspiration and determination to overcome the disease. our companies just like a big family, we helped each other. 

after qinghai yushu earthquake in 2010, china tong yuan co. ltd. raised more than 1 million rmb and sent to yushu area for the earthquake relief and reconstruction.

sichuan lushan earthquake on april 20th, 2013 affected minds of all chinese include taiwan compatriots, hong kong and macao compatriots, and overseas chinese. chengdu tongyuan silk culture industry co., ltd. cares affected compatriots, positively response to the call of the government, donated totally 500,000 rmb to the people in disaster areas through liaison office of the central people's government in the hong kong special administrative region and sichuan committee of chinese people's political consultative conference.

in september 2013, a charity organization, joint heart charity fund limited was officially launched by hundreds of private entrepreneurs in shenzhen and hong kong.  as a director of harmony club of shenzhen, chairman zheng gui quan donated 1 million rmb charity fund for helping poor people and disabled people, supporting education and activities of social charity development.